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About us

Harsh Pumps is a deeply rooted name in the water pumping industry since 1968. For almost five decades, we have been an undisputed leader in the pumping industry of Gujarat. Our esteemed founder Mr. Pravinbhai Ajmera's quest for quality through technology imbibed in his genes that resulted in the flow products which were high on efficiency and low on energy consumption. This gave the company a clear edge to reach to what it is right now.

Galloping on the ideology and with the reigns of the company in the hands of young and dynamic Jayesh Pravin Ajmera a professional from the field of Electronic & Radio Engineering, the team is all set to fly and achieve its "Being Global" ambition in the coming years.

Harsh Pumps today focus on Innovation and Value Engineering as a means to achieve its goal. This enables the company to provide newer products on a continual basis to satisfy the ever changing consumer needs, efficiently!

Arham Pumps

Arham Pumps is ISO 9001:2008 certified Group Company of very renowned and established Harsh Industries. We are a one stop solution for all kinds of domestic pressure pump requirements. Arham Pumps are committed to provide an extensive line of high quality products, excellent customer service and the best support program available in the domestic pressure pumps market Arham Pump is founded by a young and energetic technocrat Mr. Jayesh Ajmera who has proven & successful career under the guidance of Mr. Praveen Ajmera, Pioneer of Harsh Industries. A clear concept, strategic drive and uncompromising attitude towards quality are the fundamentals set by the management to usher the Arham Pumps into the new era. Arham's product basket is full with entire range of domestic pressure pumps. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and our service and reputation proves it. We have built good reputation among our customers with good quality products, reliable services and honest attitude towards business. Arham Pumps are equipped with skilled & technical sales & service team to offer prompt service and quick response to our esteemed customers.


Since past 6 years, our core strength has been extensive and cutting edge Research & Development providing Intellectual Manufacturing Services. Prioritizing goals and focusing on strengths was the need of the hour for mid sized manufacturing units in the changing market scenario in light of the liberalization of Indian economy. And the solution to this void was Intellectual Manufacturing Services. IMS is established to create an organization that engages in academic study and/or critical evaluation of ideas, issues and/or processes related to manufacturing of engineering products on a continual basis.

IMS Implementation

  • Market Research - Structured & Experience Based
  • Present & Future Consumer Needs
  • Technology & Experience Based Solutions
  • New Models to Satisfy Present & Future Needs
  • Constant Upgradation & Value Addition
  • Cost Analysis - Best Product at Competitive Cost
  • Minimization of Service & Rejection
  • Maximization of Profits by Volumes
Arham Innovation Centre - Nurturing Ideas


-> Domestic Water Pumps, Agricultural & Industrial Water Pumps Pressure Pumps & Pumping Systems


-> Dedicated Premises designed and developed keeping in mind ambience needed for flow of creative ideas for meaningful innovations.

Human Resources

-> Jayesh Ajmera & in-house team of Arham Engineers External Engineering & Marketing Consultants Product Designers & Visiting Faculty from reputed institutes like NID, AMA, IIM & iCREATE

Our Philosophy

We believe our first responsibility is to the customers, employees, suppliers and all others who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything that we must do be of high quality. We must constantly strive to reduce costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Customer orders must be serviced promptly and accurately. Our suppliers and customers must have an opportunity to make fair profits.

We are responsible to our employees, the men and women who work with us in various departments. Everyone must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Compensation must be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities.

Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We must provide competent management and their actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the community in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We must be good citizens, support good work and charities and bear our fair share of taxes. We must encourage civic improvement and better health and education. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.

Our final responsibility is to our depositors, partners and shareholders. Business must make sound profit. We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed and mistakes paid for. New equipments must be purchased, new facilities provided and new products launched. Reserves must be created to provide for adverse times.

When we operate according to these principles our business enterprise is bound to realize fair ongoing returns.

Our Vision

• To manufacture complete range of water pumps, ensuring right balance between cost, quality & availability catering to present consumer needs.

• And, to develop new models through in-house research & development catering to future consumer needs.

Our Mission

To be a dominant player in rapidly growing End User & OEM Market through transparency in manufacturing and management process.

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